Exposition:  Soirée Mondaine (2020)

Vue d'ensemble 01

Journée molle no2 (2020)
















Vue d'ensemble 02 Vue d'ensemble 03 Journée molle no2, détail (2020) Journée molle no2, détail (2020) Je pourrais rire de toi (2019) Je pourrais rire de toi, performance (2019) Paquebot T'es Beau (2017) Dessins Soutien moral pour les dérapes mineurs (2020)












Il faut qu'il soit jeune, il fait qu'il soit beau (2020)











Exposition : J’aurais voulu être un artiste suisse (2017)


L’utilité de l’inutilité (2017)

05_SB_Vue d'ensemble_L'utilité de l'inutilité_2017










04_SB_Vue d'ensemble_L'utilité de l'inutilité_2017

08_SB_Fan ou Partisane_2017 copie07_SB_Pédaleavectatête_201606_SB_Cariatide_2015





Artists at Work (2016)
03_SB_Captures vidéos_2016

01_SB_À la fin on se lasse de la terre glaise_201602_SB_Soirée possiblement décevante_2016





Toi & Moi, ça va nulle part  (2015)

bois et quincaillerie d’aluminium usinée

13_SB_Toi&Moi_2015 14_SB_Toi&Moi_2015 15_SB_Toi&Moi_2015



Discussion à la Rivière : La Brise (2013)

matériaux diverses

Sculpture-performance en collaboration avec Marie-Michèle Plante dans le cadre du projet Complot X

La Brise La Brise

La Brise





Photo: Karine Tanguay





L’Empoteuse (2013)

Polyuréthane, paraffine et bois recyclé

Sculpture statuaire fait dans le cadre de la résidence de chantier libre 4 au atelier Jean Brillant.

Empoteuse02_SB_L'Empoteuse_2013 03_SB_L'Empoteuse_2013 Empoteuse









La Manivelle (2011)

Tissu de fibres extensibles, corde, métal et bois

La Manivelle is a manipulate mechanic sculpture exploring a simple action created by a simple gesture. The negative space of the fabric extension and the participant’s body relation changed. This malleable sculpture depended upon the participant’s undertaken of action to take form. Otherwise the movement remains static in the anticipation that the action will have take place. With a minimalist approach, La Manivelle takes the shape of a simple action. By turning the handle, the stretch fabric attached around a five feet diameter circle extends till raised an inch off of the structure. Here, the challenge is to reproduce the exact same picture that anyone saw in their mind before it moved. With this lack of surprise a tedious humdrum moment is created. The participant act like an engine tool, as the sculpture remains identical to what the artist wanted. This ambiguous situation and the stretching movement give to this piece a certain momentum, a certain presence.

La Manivelle La Manivelle



Romance (2012)

Matériaux diverses

Romance is a performative sculptural installation where the artist is lift in the air and interacted with a wood column. The artist is suspended horizontally with body harness and licks upward a column at the same time she is lifted.  She is lifted up by a crank and pulley system activated by someone else.  The mechanic sculpture appears like a kind of torture machine, but its function remains ambiguous. During their ascension, the artist licks a slit carved into the soft wood column. The idea is to push the love of texture to the extreme. Through this sensual action, an intimate moment between the artist and the sculpture is created.



Diane’s Garden (2012-2013)

Bois, métal et Velcro

Diane’s Garden is a sculptural installation that reflects the voice’s influence on the individual; the impact of a discourse on collective opinion. It’s the exploration of sound as a visual concept by activating the negative space in the sculpture’s architecture and by the rhythm that is create with multiple wooden beams. The aim is to create the impression of a frozen time in area. It demonstrates how the sense of hearing is omnipresent because it cannot be turned off. As Canadian composer Raymond Murray Schafer said « There are no earlids ».

Diane's Garden Diane's Garden Diane's Garden






Point de Suspension (2011)

Bois, corde et poulies

04_PointSuspension 4_1_PointSuspension 03_PointSuspension